Toyor Al-Jannah Star Al-Waleed Miqdad Throws a Simple Wedding (Pictures)

Al-Waleed Miqdad, son of Khaled Miqdad, founder of Toyor Al-Jannah channel (Birds of Paradise), has tied the knot last Thursday, in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The family of  Al-Waleed was keen to limit the attendance of the wedding, due to the pandemic, and in compliance with government decisions regarding events and gatherings.

Al-Waleed Miqdad has married Nour Ghassan Miqdad, the granddaughter of Khaled Miqdad’s uncle, Walid’s father, who is not Walid’s cousin as circulated on social media.

Nour Ghassan Miqdad is 21 years old, born in Amman – Jordan, and resides in Kuwait. Nour is pursuing her graduate studies in Kuwait too.

As for Al-Waleed Miqdad, he was one of Toyor Al-Jannah’s brightest stars since his childhood, and he is the eldest son of Khaled Miqdad, 21 years old, and has great popularity in the Arab world.

On Instagram, Al-Waleed shared some footage from his wedding, and captioned it with a sweet message.

Miqdad wrote: ‘My princess and I got married. I would like to share with you a part of our joy in these pictures, thank God it was a beautiful day and thanks to everyone who shared our joy and attended, and thanks to everyone who congratulated and remembered us with a nice prayer. God bless you all.’

The newlyweds were loved on social media for the simple wedding they had, as well as maintaining values and principles.

Toyor Al-Jannah Al-Waleed Miqdad wedding pictures

The Miqdads were also defended against those who accused them of trying to show off and creating a buzz with their wedding and said that it was lavish, as followers wished a happy life.

Toyor Al-Jannah Al-Waleed Miqdad wedding pictures

People left comments like: ‘They are fit for each other. May God bless them and bring together every two lovers with halal.’

‘We didn’t see any fuss! May God bless them. A polite bride, the mother of the groom is modest and veiled at her son’s wedding. It’s a very ordinary and not an extravagant wedding. Leave them alone and bless them.’
Toyor Al-Jannah Al-Waleed Miqdad wedding

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