Topless Collaboration! Michele Morrone ‘Gay-Related’ Pictures Put Mohamed Ramadan in Trouble

Egyptian artist Mohamed Ramadan has teased the preparations for his upcoming concert, scheduled to be held next Friday, August 20, in the North Coast, by posting a picture with his fans behind the scenes.

While concert goers are rushing to buy tickets for the concert, Mohamed Ramadan is facing a lawsuit demanding the cancellation of the concert.

Lawyer Ayman Mahfouz has filed a case against Ramadan, because of a previous announcement he made on Instagram, when Ramadan revealed that he will be collaborating with Italian actor Michele Morrone in his upcoming music video.

As a result, Ayman Mahfouz addressed the Egyptian Attorney General, with a statement calling for the suspension of Mohamed Ramadan’s concert.

‘There is an irrational silence from the Syndicate of Musical Professions, towards the announcement of a concert by the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, on the northern coast, with the participation of an Italian singer,’ the statement began.

Michele Morrone has reservations, from declaring his support for homosexuality, to his participation in a movie with gay porn scenes, to publishing a picture of him embracing his friend, in a way that angered the Europeans themselves,’

Michele Morrone Gay Pictures Mohamed Ramadan topless naked

Lawyer Mahfouz added: ‘The captain of musicians, artist Hani Shaker, issued a decision banning festival singers from reviving concerts, and artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is included in this ban,’

He explained: ‘Ramadan wrote a declaration in the Syndicate of Musical Professions, in which he abides by morals, general rules, and respectable clothing, and pledged to do so, and then went up on stage naked, so the Syndicate of Musical Professions issued a statement to prevent the so-called festival songs, which have immoral suggestions,’

Ayman Mahfouz concluded his statement by asking: ‘Does Mohamed Ramadan have his own law that makes him challenge institutions and laws in Egypt?’

A large number of social media pioneers supported the statement of lawyer Ayman Mahfouz, calling for the cancellation of Mohamed Ramadan’s concert, considering that the image of Mohamed Ramadan with Michele Morrone is an explicit and clear challenge to all moral values, especially since the Italian artist, Michele Morrone, was known around the world as a porn artist.

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