Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the World

Since its launch in 1991, more than 1.7 billion websites are available now on the internet. Without it, our life would not be the same for the better or worse. From finding the simplest information to connecting with our loved ones and keeping in touch with our friends, the internet has integrated seamlessly into our daily lives in the modern world. 

Every day, millions of people visit many websites for a wide range of topics and services. However, there are also really well-liked websites that receive billions, yes, billions, of visits each day and each week. While you’re probably already familiar with some of these popular websites that you’ll find in our list, chances are that you’ll be able to guess a few names.

In this article, we’ll list the most popular visited websites according to statistics from the Semrush Traffic Analytics tool. Let’s cut the chase and dive in to discover the most visited websites in the world.

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the World

  1. Google

Visits: 45.41 billion per month

Type of Website: Search Engine

Operating since: 1997

Owned by: Alphabet, Inc.

Top 10 Most Visited Websites in the World

It comes as no surprise that Google is the most popular website, ranking first overall. To give you just an idea of how popular this search engine is, consider that you can now search for anything by simply saying “Google it!” thanks to the growing popularity of the search engine behemoth Google. With 45.41 billion monthly visitors, kept the top spot as the most visited website globally. Since pulling ahead of Yahoo to take the top spot in June 2010, the online platform has maintained its position as the most popular website.

  1. YouTube

Visits: 27 billion per month

Type of Website: Video Platform

Operating since: 2005

Owned by: Alphabet, Inc.

It is obvious that YouTube is the favorite video platform given that it has secured the number two spot. Thanks to the pandemic YouTube has evolved to become a resource for learning as well as joy. Over 27 billion visits were generated on YouTube, as hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded. YouTube is believed to have more than 800 million videos.

  1. Facebook

Visits: 9.9 billion per month

Type of Website: Social Media

Operating since: 2004

Owned by: Meta Platforms, Inc.

Meta owns the third most popular website in the world right now, with 2.78 billion active users per month. There’s no doubt that Facebook is still one of the most popular social media sites. Facebook has seamlessly permeated our lives and made information exchange much simpler than it was before thanks to its user-friendly design it has become incredibly popular among people of all ages.

  1. Wikipedia

Visits: 6.208 billion per month

Type of Website: Encyclopedia

Operating since: 2001

Owned by: Wikimedia Foundation

Unsurprisingly, Wikipedia came in 4th place with 6.2 billion visits every month despite that we all sometimes laughed when someone uses it as a reference. To show you how big this is, with 330 million people living in the US, this indicates that each individual clicks on a Wikipedia result 3.44 times on average per month. The free online encyclopedia is owned by a non-profit organization, the San Francisco-based Wikimedia Foundation.

  1. Twitter

Visits: 6.208 billion per month

Type of Website: Social Media

Operating since: 2006

Owned by: Twitter.Inc

Yet another social media giant Twitter is next on the list. Twitter attracts 4,7 billion users on a monthly basis. This comes unsurprisingly as Twitter is actually the go-to social media platform for most world leaders as well as public figures, celebrities, and even brands for announcing new products or services.

  1. Reddit

Visits: 3,8 billion per month

Type of Website: Social Media

Operating since: 2005

Owned by: Advance Publications

Interestingly, most of you won’t weren’t surprised to find the first 5 on the list, but perhaps more interestingly, finding out that Reddit is raking as 6th is quite astonishing. Considered the front page of the internet, Reddit has got 3,8 billion clicks on a monthly basis. Reddit is the home for all the exclusive breaking news and has played a huge role in the rise of cryptocurrencies. whether you’re new to cryptocurrencies or a die-hard Bitcoin supporter. The bitcoin community’s beating heart is unquestionably Reddit. In fact, the crypto bets were formed in subreddits.


Visits: 3,5 billion per month

Type of Website: Books

Operating since: 2010

Owned by: Lectortmo

Do you want to read manga for free online? Or do you now subscribe to a paid reading service but are holding off in order to save money? You can get all you want on this website.

Coming in 7th place, is Lectortmo, a manga website. Since manga is a Japanese creation, speaking the language is the simplest way to read it. But since you’re here, chances suggest that you may not be fluent in reading Japanese. But don’t worry; for your convenience, this website has all mangas available in English.


Visits: 3,29 billion per month

Type of Website: e-Commerce

Operating since: 1994

Owned by: Amazon

Holding the 8th position among the most visited websites, Amazon is on our list, with over 3.2 billion estimated monthly visits. Amazon allows customers to purchase a wide range of products with a world-class selection, including groceries, clothing, home decor, books, furniture, machinery, and much more. It is one of the greatest websites for online shopping thanks to its fantastic service and broad selection. The online purchasing industry is dominated by Amazon since it is the best e-commerce platform. It has grown to be the greatest in the sector thanks to its user-friendly offerings.


Visits: 3,22 billion per month

Type of Website: Social Media

Operating since: 2010

Owned by: Meta

IG is able to attract 3.22 billion views. The photos-focused app is growing in popularity since its launch in 2010.  When Meta bought it, IG provided a perfect platform for this self-expressing beauty and lifestyle. Instagram users can share posts, stories, IGTV videos, and reels that have received a lot of likes from other users, which helps the platform gain more users, traffic, and money.


Visits: 3 billion per month

Type of Website: Sports

The most popular racing website in the nation and one of the largest UK sports content websites is Sporting Life. With 3 billion views, the website provides you with news, viewpoints, and analysis from a variety of sports, including football, golf, darts, tennis, snooker, and racing.

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