Tom Parker’s Widow Shares Heartbreaking Moments Before The Singer’s Death

Tom Parker’s opens up about the last hours spent with the musician.

Tom’s widow, Kelsey Hardwick revealed that she held Parker’s hand as he passed away, stating it was a beautiful moment until the very end.

Kelsey said that she laid in bed with Tom in a hospice, assuring fans that The Wanted band member did not feel any pain but in stead tons of love.

Hardwick, who was Tom’s lover since they were teens talked in details about that last moments she had spent with the singer.

‘I got into bed with him. We were in bed together for two hours, I just wanted that time with him. I didn’t want anyone coming in. We needed that time together to talk.’

She said he was ‘still trying to figure a way out’ of his illness a week after he arrived at the hospice.

‘I said, “You know Tom, I will be okay, the kids will be okay. I will make sure that everything you want them to know, the things that you’ve taught me over the years, I promise to teach them it all.”

‘He said, “I know you’re going to be okay.”


Kelsey added that Tom then took of his wedding ring and placed it on his wife’s finger as a form of He then took off his wedding ring and put it on my finger.’ She said: “It was that exchange of love. We were so in love.

Kelsey said she thought Tom knew the end of his life was approaching but he still had ‘fight’ in him.


Tom died aged 33 last month following a battle with brain cancer after he was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma in October 2020, and was given just 12 months to live by doctors.

Tom’s funeral was on April 20 and fans were invited to watch the service and pay their tributes to the singer.

Kelsey then opened up about how Tom promised to send her signs when he dies, ‘Kelsey said: “I was sitting there on this bench, crying, when I looked up and this feather fell down from the sky.

“I said to Tom before he passed away, ‘Will you give me signs every day’, and he said, ‘Yes’. I knew straight away it was him.”

“I kept that feather, I still have it in a little glass pot on my dressing table.”

Before his death, he had 30 rounds of chemotherapy and 30 radiotherapy sessions and later spent three weeks in Spain for specialist treatment.

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