Toddler Causes $2,000 Worth of Damage in 5 Minutes

Toddler Causes $2,000 Worth of Damage in 5 Minutes

A mother, from Australia, left her two-year-old son for a while was shocked when she returned to see her £1,600 television was smeared with diaper cream.

The toddler had his own fun playtime smudging the thick cream on the television screen. Sarah Wruck, 34, said her son Eli and his little brother Ben, one, were alone in the living room while she was preparing dinner in the kitchen.

When she returned merely five minutes later, she heard her son giggling who told her he was ‘painting’. Wruck went to check on the children and was shocked to see the TV covered in Sudocrem diaper cream.

The mother, who also two older boys, Oliver, 13, and Noah, eight, said she had mixed emotions and was on the verge of tears. “Their dad had left the nappy cream on the change table and Eli had gotten into it and smothered himself and the television with it,” the psychology and counselling student was quoted as saying in

Admitting she knew the boys were up to something as it was ‘too quiet’, Wruck said, “I was experiencing a combination of laughing and crying. I couldn’t believe how much damage he’d done in such a little amount of time. I’d been gone less than five minutes.”

It took an hour to remove the thick cream and the mother had to use dry cloths, detergent and glass cleaner. Thankfully, television still managed to turn on and work as normal. “Nappy cream seems to be one of those things that toddlers just love to get into, I have no idea why,” she said. While the little boy seemed very proud of his ‘artwork’, Wruck added.

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