Tinder Makes Online Dating in Covid Lockdowns More Personal

Tinder Makes Online Dating in Covid Lockdowns More Personal

Tinder is set to make online dating amid coronavirus lockdowns more personal.

The dating site is adding a video-chatting feature to its popular app by the end of June, allowing those in isolation to virtually meet one-on-one.

The feature was announced during the Match Group’s, Tinder’s parent company, first quarter earnings call and this is the largest addition to the platform since launching in 2012.

Along with the video chatting service, Tinder also shared that it has seen a surge in usage during the pandemic – with women users swiping 37 percent more each day than before.

‘Tinder clearly remains a go-to app for meeting new people, which has become an even more critical service with so many people stuck at home, and Tinder plans to launch one-to-one live video late in Q2,’ reads the letter to shareholders from Match Group CEO Shar Dubey .

‘Tinder’s product roadmap for the year largely remains on track, and we remain committed to developing and testing a number of new revenue features in 2020, though priorities could shift quickly depending on how the crisis continues to unfold.’

Dating apps have given millions of singles the opportunity to meet potential mates while in lockdown during the coronavirus.

And Match Group, the parent company of Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid and PlentyofFish, is reaping in the benefits.

The firm announced it has generated over $544 million in revenue during the first quarter of 2020, which is a 17 percent increase year-over-year, Business Insider reports.

However, the outbreak has seemed to change the way online dating operates, as a survey reveals 70 percent of Hinge users are interested in going on video chat dates and 94 percent of OkCupid members are currently dating virtually.

‘Social distancing has required adaptations and pivots and has impacted our business because the manner in which singles engage with our products and start relationships has quickly evolved,’ Dubey wrote.

‘We know that singles are adjusting their behaviors, and many are shifting to having dates virtually via phone or video.’

Many of Match’s apps include video chatting, but Tinder has always been the lone wolf by only offering in-app messaging.

But at the end of June, the popular dating site is set to join the rest of the pack.

Tinder has also reached ‘all-time highs’ in daily swipes since the start of the coronavirus.

The most noticeable increase has been seen among female users under the age of 30, as they are swiping 37 percent more in April than the last week of February.

‘Female usage and engagement is a key driver for a dating product’s success and we are constantly trying to improve these metrics,’ states the letter.

‘This shift in female behavior is an extremely positive development for our ecosystem.’

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