Timeline: Far-right attacks in Germany

At least nine people were shot and killed on Wednesday by an attacker with suspected far-right links in an overnight rampage in a German city.

The attack was carried out at two shisha lounges in Hanau, a town not far from Frankfurt. Police are trying to identify the victims, some of whom were believed to be migrants from Turkey.

The suspected 43-year-old attacker and his mother were found dead in his apartment early on Thursday.

There have been a number of far-right attacks in recent years in Germany, with violence rising sharply in 2015 when the country took in more than one million migrants.

The German domestic intelligence agency estimated that the number of violent crimes with far-right elements rose by 3 percent in 2018, although attacks on centres for asylum seekers fell after a spike in 2015 and 2016.

Earlier this month, German police arrested 12 men on suspicion of involvement in a far-right plot to overthrow the political order by means of targeted attacks.

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