TikTok user captures spider building an intricate spider web

A video by a TikTok user captured the intricate details of a spider building its web.

The video, which garnered 10.3 million likes on the video sharing social media platform, shows an up-close view of a spider building its web in fast, routine motions.

Starting with a small circle built in the center of the web, the spider then makes larger circular motions around the web, creating bigger circles until it reaches the edge. The spider is then seen spinning circular frames around the circles that were completed.

The user has shared other videos of spiders building and taking down webs on her profile in the app.

Spiders have silk-spinning organs which they use to build spider webs.

Spiders on drugs

Many years ago, NASA scientists tested the effects of certain drugs on spiders, which impacted their spider web-making skills.

In 1995, NASA published an article titled “Using Spider-Web Patterns To Determine Toxicity,” which determined that spider web patterns of spiders were affected after they were exposed to different toxicities of chemicals and drugs.

In the NASA research, spiders were exposed to marijuana, caffeine, Benzedrine, and chloral hydrate.

The research found that spiders exposed to various chemicals spin webs that differ, in various ways, from normal webs.

It was concluded that when spiders were exposed to more toxic chemicals, their spider web patterns looked more deformed when compared to their normal webs.

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