This is How Pakistan Marked International Women’s Day

This is How Pakistan Marked International Women's Day

Islamists threw stones, shoes and sticks at women as they marched through Pakistan’s capital on Sunday to mark International Women’s Day.

Women and men joined the event in Islamabad, the largest rally in the country, for what is known in Pakistan as the Aurat March, which is the Urdu word for women.

Dozens of men and women from local militant groups staged a rival rally just across from the women’s march venue, according to one local official.

Officers blocked the Islamists as they tried to break through a cordon.

A witness said the Islamists threw stones, bricks, sticks and shoes at the marchers.

There has been an uproar in conservative circles over slogans used at the past two such events.

These include ‘My body, my choice’, ‘My body is not your battleground’ and ‘Stop being menstrual phobic’.

Following last year’s event, organisers said they faced a backlash including murder and rape threats.

Ahead of this year’s event, organisers say posters and murals were vandalised, including one by the Islamists from the Red Mosque.

Marches in other parts of the country were held peacefully amid tight security.

A court in the eastern city of Lahore allowed the march there to take place on condition that organisers and participants adhered to ‘decency and moral values’.

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