The World’s Uncomfortable Couch Goes Viral on The Internet

An advert for ‘literally the most uncomfortable couch in the world’ has been shared by thousands after an Australian woman posted it to Facebook Marketplace. 

Listed for free in Hobart, Tasmania, is a used grey futon the seller described as the ‘world’s worst couch’.

‘This is the devil’s couch. If you want to question whether eternal evil exists, this couch will convince you. Sitting on this couch will take you straight to hell,’ the listing read.

‘If you want to scare someone onto the straight and narrow, sitting on this couch could help. Sitting on this couch, they will see the devil’s face.’

The seller said she spent $400 and two weeks sitting on the couch while she worked from home which, she joked, cost her $1000 in physio fees and was looking to see if someone could make use of it before she sent it to the tip.


‘Buyer beware, you’re in for a scare,’ she started the post.

‘Take at your own risk. Is it comfy to sit on? No. But – is it good to look at? Also no.’

She goes on to strongly warn potential takers that the couch is so uncomfortable, ‘it will most certainly injure you’ and does not recommend it to anyone over the age of 30.

‘I guess you CAN technically sit on it, but it’s hard for me to tell you SHOULD,’ she wrote.

She goes on to list the pros and cons of the futon.

‘Cons: literally the world’s worst couch. Pros: No evidence (so far) it is haunted. Just cursed,’ she wrote.

However, she did concede that it would fold out into a ‘relatively comfortable single bed’.

‘Free to a good, or bad home – we don’t care. I don’t want to give it away to charity, because I don’t want this foisted on someone who is unaware of what they are getting into. People have suffered enough,’ the woman said.

The listing has been updated to say the couch has now been ‘pilfered’.

Twitter users shared their amusement for the ad after it was shared to the platform.

‘This is glorious! I will be using ‘the devil’s couch as the name of my next (first) novel,’ one user joked.

‘Cannot stop laughing’ said another.

‘My brother used to have this couch, can confirm it was the worst,’ a third responded.

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