The World Needs to Urgently Protect The Seas!

The World Needs to Urgently Protect The Seas!

“We need to urgently step up the protection of our seas [because] 2020 will be a crucial year to ensure that global leaders commit to protect at least 30% of the world’s oceans until 2030,” Giuseppe Di Carlo, director of the Mediterranean Marine Initiative at World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), said.

Touching on the importance of the oceans, he said they cover 70% of the planet, and more importantly, they are home to many marine species and plants.

Mentioning their crucial role in providing resources to sustain life and the planet, he said the oceans are also sources of food to billions of people.

“Only a tiny fraction of the oceans is effectively protected, and the vast majority of the world’s few marine parks and reserves are protected in name only,” he said, referring to another important threat to the sea along with unsustainable fishing.

He went on to say that unsustainable tourism and coastal developments, intense sea traffic, exploration of fossil fuels, pollution, industrial chemicals, plastics and even fertilizers and pesticides are heavily crippling the natural resources of the ocean.

“Lack of seafood, lack of oxygen, increasing climate disruptions and natural disasters would be the extreme consequences of an increasingly depleted ocean,” Di Carlo said, referring to the “dramatic consequences” of failing to protect the oceans.

Reiterating the threats to the oceans, he stressed that the world needs to promote a new sustainable blue economy for the whole ocean.

“We must understand that any future blue economic development requires a healthy and functioning ocean.”

He added that WWF cooperates with policymakers, communities and businesses around the world for healthy oceans, healthy biodiversity and innovative blue economies.

The year 2020 will be important to draw attention to healthy oceans and the threats against them.

In this regard, the first event of the year, called “Ocean Week,” took place in several European countries in the past week.

The year will also see some other international conferences and summits, including the World Ocean Summit on March 9, the UN Ocean Conference on June 2, “Our Ocean” on Aug. 17 and COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland will also be an important opportunity to address the issue.

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