The Wife Drove Two Cattle Traders to Fight!

Two Asians are facing trial on charges of assaulting a compatriot and causing him permanent disability.

The men apparently clashed over an unknown dispute between their wives and wife of the victim, all three of whom are based in their home country.

The defendants verbally assaulted the victim at a Dubai cattle market where they all worked as traders, cursing his mother and sister.

They also used solid tools to hit the victim in his head and arm until he fainted. This, according to a medical report cited by Emarat Al Youm, left the victim with a head injury and a fractured arm resulting in a 10 per cent permanent disability.

According to the police, the victim’s brother approached the market’s police point to report the defendants. He said he found his brother bleeding and unconscious on the floor of the cattle market. When he learnt of the assault and rebuked the two defendants, they allegedly abused him with vulgar language as well.

The police arrested the two accused who admitted that they had beaten the victim.

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