The Unnoticed Reaction from Can Yaman Towards Diletta Leotta Separation

Since the first breakup report that emerged in summer 2021 between Can Yaman and Diletta Leotta, the Turkish actor has stuck himself to one reaction, which went unnoticed.

Can Yaman Speaks Again in a New Long Interview

The Turkish actor, who will be on the set of the fiction Viola Come Il Mare (Purple Like The Sea), has opened up about his family, the release of his first autobiography, the special relationship with the fans, but once again kept quiet about the end of his relationship with Diletta Leotta.

No reference, in fact, to what happened with the sports presenter and not even to the alleged dating with his Viola Come Il Mare co-star Francesca Chillemi.

New Interview for Can Yaman Who Talks About Family and Fans but Is Silent About Diletta Leotta

In detail, Can Yaman had the opportunity to talk about himself again in a 360-degree interview with “TV Sorrisi e Canzoni”, where he touched on various topics.

The actor reiterated that he is very attached to his family and that he has a special relationship with his mom and dad.

Can also spoke of his connection with the numerous Italian fans who welcomed him to our country, making him a real star.

The actor admitted that he is very happy with this great success, adding that he is very respectful towards women and always respects them.

The Silence of Can Yaman After the Farewell With Diletta

However, many fans of the Turkish actor hoped to hear for the first time, even the truth of Can’s facts about the end of his relationship with Diletta Leotta.

Since the sports presenter announced their separation, Can Yaman hasn’t said a word about what happened: the actor has entrenched himself behind a rigorous silence, thus avoiding further fueling gossips.

Well, even in this new interview there was no reference to Diletta: the love story with the presenter seems to be definitively archived and put aside, to the point that the actor is now focusing primarily on his new professional commitments.

The Star of the Moment Can Yaman Is Also Silent on Francesca Chillemi Too

Also on Francesca Chillemi, with whom over the last few weeks there had been talked of an alleged ongoing flirtation, Can preferred to keep quiet.

Even in this case, in fact, Can has not issued any kind of declaration about the female partner of “Viola come il mare”, the fiction destined for the first Mediaset evening of 2022.

The Turkish actor only thinks about his career and, when asked if he thinks he has achieved a dream after the success he is having, he replies: “I believe that dreams never end. The best must always come”.

Yet another confirmation of the fact that the actor wants to close with the past and focus only on the present and the future to come, making “silence” his only response to his love life since he brokeup with Diletta Leotta.

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