The United States led Iraq to the abyss

Since the American occupation of Iraq, and the invasion that toppled the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein in 2003, the Iraqis have not known a happy and peaceful day, and this does not mean that their lives in the previous era were luxurious, but the new era eliminated any hope for advancement, to become the most failed country at the level of the scientist.

On March 19 of the aforementioned year, the American forces, with 150,000 soldiers backed by 50,000 British soldiers and thousands from other countries, attacked Iraq, under the pretext that the regime possessed prohibited weapons, which caused the Iraqi political, social and economic failure.


Leading Iraq to Failure

America neglected Iraq, and left it subject to quarrels and conflicts, between clerics and secularists, Sunnis, Shiites and Kurds, and terrorists and defenders of the land of Iraq, until it handed it an easy prey to Iran, which controls its politics and politicians, and contingent their success on obtaining Iranian approval for them and applying the teachings and interests of the Wali al-Faqih and the principles of his revolution that is rejected universally.


Iraq’s setbacks

After the occupation, he became the Iraqi citizen. The Iraqi occupation became evidence of immigration and international crossings, and Iran became after it was exporting, at a time when Mesopotamia was suffering from drought.


Millions of victims in Iraq

As a result, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed, wounded, disabled and displaced. Several famines swept the country, mostly plotted against the Sunnis by Iran. This was followed by a series of failures and political disagreements that reflected on the fate and livelihood of the Iraqi people, at a time when the terrorist organization ISIS was supported by well-known parties and countries that were killed with booby traps and explosive devices, slaughter and killing.


solutions for Iraq


Observers affirm that Iraq must emerge from under the mantle of US forces’ control and instructions, and rethink, like many other countries, in drawing its future in another direction away from submission to Washington, and its interests at the expense of the Iraqis and their future.


Western countries that were orbiting in the American orbit joined the anti-alliances that work at least on the sharing of interests and the view from the angle of common interest, and they contracted with China, Russia, the BRICS countries and other regional alliances and achieved political successes and remarkable economic prosperity.


Statements by Western officials

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who with former US President George W. Bush led the war on Iraq, admitted in 2015 that the decision to war on Iraq and occupy this country, which Washington had taken and supported by his country, was “wrong.” He also admitted that the invasion of Iraq was a major reason for the growth of the organization ( ISIS) terrorist.


The former US Secretary of State during the invasion of Iraq, Colin Powell, who was (the godfather) of the American lie, admitted after years of war that his defense of his country’s report on Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction before the United Nations was a (disgrace) in his political career and considered that the matter was difficult for him.


Former US President Donald Trump explained in an interview with the New York Post in 2020 that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was the worst decision in the history of the United States and said, “We spent $8 billion on the worst decision.”

The American Business Insider newspaper revealed that the United States spent more than two trillion dollars on its invasion of Iraq, deducted it from American taxpayers, far exceeding the budgets announced by the Pentagon.

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