The top five unhealthy foods that are killing you

As a new study from the University of Michigan claims that eating a hot dog could shave 36 minutes off your life, Al Arabiya English reveals the top five foods that are bad for your health.

Foods that are carcinogenic

It seems lots of delicious foods can cause all sorts of cancers. When you’re biting into that pastrami sandwich, remember that processed meats are linked to stomach and colon cancer. And, although charring your steak, chicken, and any other meat on the barbecue to produce extra flavor is favored by many, the aromatic amines and hydrocarbons released as byproducts can cause pancreatic and prostate cancer.

Cutting out the carbs

Ok, carbs aren’t strictly bad for your health, but removing them isn’t ideal for your health either. As influencers and celebrities champion their favored niche diet regimes, eating low amounts of carbohydrates including potatoes, rice, and pasta keeps weight down and makes you trim. But, they also do some good for your body extending your lifespan. The Lancet’s Public Health journal ran a study that suggested eating a balanced amount of carbs extends your life by up to four years, compared to those that cut them out.

Quenching your thirst with a sugary drink

Fizzy drinks have always been connected to unhealthy eating. With links to heart disease, and with a huge variety of choices of beverages available in supermarkets and restaurants, the lifestyle choice to cut sugary drinks out of our diets is an easy one. Unfortunately, this choice is difficult for many.

Junk food

On the back of the sugary drinks, all junk food is bad for you, probably in equal measure. With a love for fried chicken and the convenience of throwing a readymade meal in the microwave for dinner, processed food consumption continues to balloon.

National food education programs have been ongoing for years. Most understand the links of junk food to obesity and diabetes, but the balanced diet gets put to one side when a tempting burger and fries is placed in front of you.

A bit more salt

It’s incredible the number of people that grab the salt shaker as soon as their plate of food arrives. No tasting to find out if their dinner is seasoned properly, many simply omit this process and instead add salt immediately.

You need salt in your body to live, but as with everything else to do with life; moderation is key. A healthy heart becomes less healthy the more salt you consume, and the level contained in processed foods is incredibly high.

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