‘The Simpsons’ List 50 Reasons For Not Reelecting Trump

'The Simpsons' List 50 Reasons For Not Reelecting Trump

They’ve never been afraid to take shots at celebrities, politicians, or even their own TV network.

And The Simpsons take aim at US President Donald Trump in their upcoming annual Treehouse of Horror anthology episode, which generally air around Halloween.

In the clip, obtained by Variety, the revered animated series listed 50 reasons not to reelect the sitting President.

In the episode, set to air on October 18, Homer Simpson arrives at a polling station ready to make decisions on all the smaller races, from propositions to judges.

However when it comes to voting for president, he calls the decision ‘a stumper’.

It’s then that daughter Lisa enters the polling booth, demanding, ‘You’re hesitating over President? By all that is decent, how can you forget everything that’s happened the last four years?’

However, the only scandal Homer can conjure to mind is Faye Dunaway’s infamous 2018 Oscar flub.

‘Not sure what you’re talking about, admits Homer, before Trump’s many scandals and indiscretions scroll up the screen.

Among them are ‘Put children in cages’ and ‘Called Tim Cook “Tim Apple”‘.

‘Talked about grabbing *****’, ‘Lied about the size of his inauguration’ and ‘Refused to release tax returns’ are also included, as are the fact the billionaire ‘Paid $750 in taxes’ one year.

It concludes with the point that ‘We haven’t even said the worst one’.

The Simpsons is currently in its 32nd record breaking season, while this will be the 31st Treehouse of Horror Halloween special episode.

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