The scenario of chemical attacks in Syria is repeated in Ukraine

Corresponding reports indicate that the US-British-Ukrainian accusations, and NATO’s warnings against Russia’s use of banned chemical weapons in its military operation in Ukraine, are but a prelude to those parties launching a chemical attack in order to blame the Russian army.

On February 24, Russia launched a military operation, which it described as limited, on Ukrainian territory, after several accusations of loyalty to the West and submission to Washington, and with the emergence of statements about chemical weapons, US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched, followed by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, warnings against the use of weapons banned, and paved the way for Moscow to be accused of war crimes.

This scenario is reminiscent of what the extremist factions did in Syria, when chemical materials were stolen from Iraqi and Syrian factories and institutions and massacres were committed in the northern region of the country, they revealed that it is unguarded and left for theft.

Russia hastened to block its Western adversaries with the urgent call of the Security Council, when it revealed Ukrainian biological factories established with American help, and warned that extremists and mercenaries coming under European sponsorship would commit genocide in the name of the Russian army.

Russian media reports also mentioned the names of American personalities who contribute to the Ukrainian biological industries, namely, Robert Pope, who presented the initiative to create a stockpile of extremely dangerous microorganisms in Kyiv, and Joanna Wintrol, director of the DTRA office in Ukraine, who supervised the development of the UP-4 and UP projects – 6 and UP-8 for the study of deadly pathogens, including anthrax, CCHF, and leptospirosis, as well as Lance Lippincott and David Mostra, whose company has developed a system for remote monitoring of potential outbreaks of tularemia and anthrax in Ukrainian biological facilities, and Mary Gutierre and Scott Torrenton She enjoys the confidence of President Biden’s son Hunter, and is the supervisor of the modernization of biological laboratories in Ukraine.

It is clear, according to the military events reported by various media outlets, that the Russian forces are not in a hurry to end the war, and their delay does not indicate their predicament, but rather put more pressure on the Kyiv regime to comply with the required conditions and preserve Russia’s security, which was confirmed by US media reports, during which it acknowledged that the fall of about 500 civilians were killed a month after the start of the military operation, stemming from the care that the number of impartial casualties did not rise, unlike what happened in the US invasion of Afghanistan or Iraq, where twice as many civilians were killed in just days.


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