The Non-Governmental organizations are America’s Arm to Destabilize Algeria


Western media and human rights organizations, especially in the United States of America, have intensified monitoring of the situation in the Algerian arena, and shed more light on what they described as the arrests of activists, human rights defenders, and members of human rights organizations, in an exceptional step from Western interest in that part, in light of what the political situation is going through in the country since the ouster of former President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The American intervention in the human rights and organizations file came after Washington failed to bomb the popular movement in Algeria through attempts to internationalize the crisis in the country, Despite this, the security, military and political leadership in Algeria also succeeded in crossing it without any losses, as the president was overthrown and the presidential elections took place in peace and safety.

This intervention coincided with the directions of the next US President Joe Biden, who is concerned with human rights and is an expert in manipulating this file and directing it according to US security, military and political interests. It is clear that the aim of selecting human rights organizations that call themselves “humanitarian organizations”,  is to destabilize the stability and security of Algeria.

During the past months, the issue of activists, opposition activists and activists has been highlighted by exaggerating reports of their arrest situation, and by talking about their hunger strike, deteriorating health situation, inhuman investigations treating, and so on.

The United States seeks from all sides to find a way to pressure Algeria and interfere in its internal affairs, and therefore it is not unlikely to impose economic sanctions under the pretext of what it will consider violations in the field of human rights, but the goal is to dismantle this country and force it to submit to the American plans and policy in the African continent ,as  Algeria is considered its wide gateway and golden key.

During the black decade, Algeria succeeded in restraining the United States and preventing it from interfering in its internal affairs despite the state of weakness and confusion that marred the internal situation in the country, which was in need of any help at the time.

Among the suspicious organizations is the New York-based “Soliya Cultural and Social Communication” organization, which calls on youth to open dialogue programs, interactive dialogue, qualitative dialogue, specialized education and dialogue on good governance, democracy, freedoms, revolutions and struggle.

In addition to “Soliya”, there is the Geneva-based “Alkarama” organization, ,that  a dissolve order issued against, as  proven it funded Al-Qaeda, but it is still working in secret, and its membership includes Algerian opposition figures who have been sentenced in absentia in cases of terrorism.

They allied with the Algerian “Rashad Organization” led by the so-called “Arab Zetout”, who called for fighting the Algerian army that protected democracy in the country, and called on the United Nations to intervene to protect the demonstrators, as what he described.

The Algerian human rights response came to reveal suspicious targets and the American intention of them in the process of destabilizing the country.

“We will not allow it to be harmed. We will be on the lookout and confront every attempt by suspicious local or international human rights organizations, through which it aims to destabilize the security and stability of Algeria.”, the Algerian office confirmed to the International Observatory for Media and Human Rights .

He pointed out that some human rights organizations, which are active locally, seek to create confusion and use the reports of international organizations as a mean of pressure on the Algerian state, pointing to the “false reports” that are circulating.

Reports and sources confirm that local human rights organizations are working these days with suspicious international non-governmental organizations supported by the US State Department and White House departments, in order to undermine the national security of Algeria and indirectly provide support to international terrorist organizations that cover up under  a pretext of a humanitarian cover to enter and implement the scheme to destabilize the security and stability of Algeria.

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