The Luna Weighted Blanket Gives the Soothing Benefits of Weighted Blankets Without Overheating

The Luna Weighted Blanket Gives the Soothing Benefits of Weighted Blankets Without Overheating

Summer relaxation brings to mind pool floaties, fire pits, and lounge chairs. But what if the best stress-free recreation came from a cooling weighted blanket rather than these warm weather classics. While it might seem contradictory to put a blanket and 90-degree weather together, cooling features allow you to reap the benefits year-round—and there are plenty.

The weighted designs (which apply a similar amount of pressure as a gentle hug) are touted as an all-natural approach to reducing anxiety and improving overall sleep quality. And it’s backed by science: A 2008 study published in Occupational Therapy in Mental Health found that 63% of participants reported lower anxiety when sleeping with a 30-pound blanket compared to sleeping without.

The cooling versions of weighted blankets provide these same benefits, but fix the product’s fatal flaw: overheating. Approaches to making weighted blankets more comfortable differ by brand—and Amazon’s best-selling Luna Weighted Blanket (from $37; focuses on creating a product that’s breathable.

The hypoallergenic design is made with the brand’s signature all-climate cooling cotton. It’s woven into a patented 7-layer fabric with air channels to maximize air circulation and maintain a regulated sleeping temperature. It also opts for glass bead evenly distributed across pockets that attach to the fibers, preventing them from accumulating in one corner and causing pockets of heat to form.

The blanket is available in 5 different sizes, including a queen, king, and even kid-sized model. It also comes in 9 different weights ranging from 5 to 25 pounds. If you want to stay even cooler, you can opt for a lighter blanket, but you’ll miss out on some of the anxiety-reducing benefits that come with a pick that’s 10% of your body weight.

Regardless of your size and weight, you’ll have a choice between 16 colorways, including child-friendly dinosaurs, unicorns, and spaceships. The super soft fabric also comes in more mature designs, like a nautical blue strip, pale pink, and minimalist white. Better yet, they’re all machine washable for a quick refresh.

Its thoughtful construction and sleek design has already impressed tons of shoppers who gave the blanket 3,200 perfect 5-star reviews. Whether they’re using it to decompress on the couch after work or to get the best sleep of their life, reviewers agree it allows them to feel more relaxed without making them overheat. In fact, one reviewer credited the blanket with actually changing their life.

Of course, we’re not opposed to hanging in a hammock or lounging in the pool this summer for a little downtime. But when it comes to the anxiety-reducing activity you shouldn’t skip, this cooling weighted blanket should be your top pick.

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