The Kenyans who earn $100 a month picking Valentine’s Day flowers

Joyce Iminza steps down from an old, white bus and boards a motorcycle taxi in Naivasha, a flower-rich town about 100km northwest of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi.

“Take me to my house. My kids are on their way home from school and I need to prepare dinner for them,” she tells the driver as she climbs up to sit behind him.

In six minutes, she arrives at her one-bedroom rented house and starts cooking.

The 36-year-old has been working in Naivasha flower farms for 12 years. Despite the years of hard work, she struggles to sustain her family.

“I am a single mother. My employer pays me $100 every month. This is never enough for me to pay my house rent, buy food, and pay school fees. I end up taking loans every other time,” says Iminza.

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