The Internet Has Gone Mad With The ‘I Stand With Amber Heard’ Hashtag

The Depp-Heard defamation trial is still in progress, and being shown to people all over the world.

Amber Heard is being sued by Johnny Depp for $50m for implying he abused her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed.

Since the start of the trial, people all over the world have been very open about supporting Depp, proving that the Aquaman actress was the accuser and not Depp.

But suddenly, the internet has gone off the rails with a new hashtag ‘I stand with Amber Heard’, with the new hashtag trending, it turns out to be Johnny’s supporters urging people to ‘open their eyes’ to the truth of Amber Heard as an ‘abuser’.

One user wrote: ‘Haven’t been watching the trial, have we? As a victim of past abuse and rape, I find Amber Heard repugnant. She, and people like her, are the reason I went unheard, without justice. You can say #IStandWithAmberHeard if you want, but it doesn’t change the fact that #AmberIsALiar”

”Those who “#IStandWithAmberHeard” are sexist individuals who believe that men can’t be victims of domestic violence. Amber Heard is an abuser period, Johnny Depp is a victim. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp #MenToo”

Another Tweet urged Heard supporters to wake up ‘Anyone who’s gotten this far into the trial and still tweets #IStandWithAmberHeard needs to wake up. I’ve listened to both sides and not a single part of her story makes any sense and none of HER OWN witnesses will corroborate it. Plus her “photos” of her injuries don’t show’

Other users claim it was Amber’s team who started ‘#IStandWithAmberHeard’: ‘I think it’s safe to assume that all these accounts with #IStandWithAmberHeard and have their replies turned off are AH’s PR team hard at work. #IStandWithJohnnyDepp #IStandWithVictims”

From the trending hashtags, a few people actually supported the actress in minimal tweets.

One Heard supporter wrote: ‘ Even if you don’t believe Amber, to be a women and defend a man who calls women cunts and “jokes” about killing and raping them, is beyond me #IStandWithAmberHeard’

A Heard user posted a picture of Rihannas injury and another picture next to it of Amber’s alleged injuries, the user wrote: ‘oh yes, I forgot that to qualify as a domestic abuse victim you have to have the same injuries as Rihanna otherwise it doesn’t count #IStandWithAmberHeard #JusticeForAmberHeard’

While another said ‘Remembering the time I covered up my bruising in under 20 minutes using drug store makeup. I am by no means a makeup artist. #IStandWithAmberHeard’

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