The international cultural market in Katara

Until March 1st and presenting more than 11 traditional crafts

 wadad hachichou – Doha Qatar

The Cultural Village Foundation Katara presents today workshops during the international cultural market for crafts and traditional industries, amid high turnout, every Tuesday to Saturday from 4 pm to 9 pm.

The workshops of this International Cultural Market include various handicrafts such as ceramics, painting on glass, crochet works, palm fronds work, making lamps, making beads, making beaded bracelets, engraving on gypsum, all kinds of embroidery.

This event is held in the courtyard of buildings (45), (47) and (48) in katara, under the supervision of craftsmen and artisans from Qatar and other countries until the first of March.

The Cultural Village Foundation, “Katara”, inaugurated on the fourth of last November the first edition of the “International Cultural Market for Handcrafts and Traditional industries”, with the participation of a group of artisans from Qatar, Arab and foreign communities, within the framework of the project launched by Katara to activate development and revitalize traditional crafts in Qatar, as the International Cultural Market presents individual traditional crafts and industries, small and large commercial companies.

On the 14th of last October, Katara hosted for 10 days the 3rd exhibition of traditional handicrafts, with the participation artisans from Qatar and other countries, displaying handicrafts such as: gypsum, popular costumes, dolls, ships, chimneys, Al-Sadu.

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