‘The gods have been smiling down on me’ Mandy Moore Feels Lucky Easily breastfeeding Her Son

The ‘This Is Us’ star welcomed her first child, a son named August ‘Gus’ Harrison Goldsmith, with her husband Taylor Goldsmith on February 20, and believes “the gods” have blessed her with a stress-free breastfeeding experience so far because she had “such a grueling labor”.

She said: “I feel – knock on wood – very lucky. I think maybe because I had such a grueling labor, the gods were smiling down on me in terms of breastfeeding. Because it’s been, knock on wood, relatively easy. He latched immediately. I haven’t had any issues with supply. He is a very hungry, well-fed dude.

Mandy, 36, still had the “newbie nipple soreness” felt by many new mothers but hasn’t had any problems with getting her son to feed.

She added: “I had the newbie nipple soreness and had to build up my tolerance and threshold for … I liken it to playing guitar where you get your calluses on your fingers. You know what I mean? You get calluses on your nipples and then it doesn’t hurt as much. But he’s a great feeder, he’s a great sleeper. And that really hasn’t been an issue thus far, so I’m grateful of that.”

In fact, Mandy’s only problem is that she’s actually producing too much milk and has to use a breast pump for her own comfort after her son has finished feeding.

Speaking on the ‘Informed Pregnancy Podcast’ with Doctor Elliot Berlin, she said: “I have an oversupply of milk. If anything, that’s been something that I’ve been dealing with, but I’m sure it will regulate itself and be fine down the road.

“I have a lot of milk, and so his feedings are not super long. He gets plenty in eight to 10 minutes … Sometimes he doesn’t get to go to the other side during a feeding because he gets plenty of milk. But yeah, it hasn’t been a huge issue. I’ve had to pump a couple of times just for relief and just to help get rid of some of the supply, but I’m storing it.”

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