The buzzword is Saudi fashions

Saudi fashions is becoming a big thing with different styles, pop up art and plenty of color.

And its all over the social media showing the changing face of Saudi Arabia. This is an emerging industry that is becoming big so quickly with trends, faces and indigenous models.

To prove the Kingdom’s interest in fashion is the hosting of major dress shows and haute couture of famous garments and beautiful flows for any woman wanting to wear good cloths under the brand chic title of “Fashions Futures” which is to be held in Riyadh under the Fashion Commission of the Saudi Ministry of Culture on 17-19 November according to Saudi Gazette.

Everyone is talking about the event that will be held in the City Hub in Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City in the Saudi capital that is said to be full of fashion surprises with top cloth-makers judging from the social media talk that is being built around this growing industry.

This is a fun event with speakers coming from inside the Kingdom as well as outside it with names like Abdullah Abo Milhim from the famous Italian design school Istituto Marangoni and which has opened a Dubai campus.

The aim is to promote a growing industry of four broad themes of sustainability, entrepreneurship, diversity and culture, and innovation.

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