The Barjeel Art Foundation Announces Mudun Short Story Prize

The Barjeel Art Foundation has launched the Mudun Short Story Prize, an international competition that invites writers to showcase, in fiction, a city in the Arab world they know intimately.

The competition aims to produce stories and narratives that reflect the urban spirit of cities, neighbourhoods and structures in the region.

Whether your story takes place in Aleppo, Beirut, Cairo, Rabat, or Sharjah, we want to experience the city as you do. By no means is this prompt a confinement to realism. Your story could spring into the realms of fantasy or even science fiction, but we would still need to see existing or past landmarks, streets, or buildings of the city of your choosing.


The story should not only be limited to reflecting the architectural and urban forms of your chosen setting but also display the predominant social dynamics, cultural and political undertones. It should also talk about the people, how they navigate spaces and occupy them.

“Take us through your city’s traffic jams or its labyrinthine alleys. Show us its courthouse or your neighborhood grocery store. Whatever urban aspect you choose to focus on in your story, describe it as vividly as you can. Your characters could be elves, cyborgs or based on the family next door. Anything goes, provided your story takes place in a city in the Arab world,” official announcement further explained.

The award is open for submissions from July 1 to September 1. Cash awards of $350 will be awarded to the first-place winner and $250 to the runner-up. The two winning stories will be published on the website of Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal. All works and supplemental materials will be considered for publication in an anthology.

The prize judges include Razmig Bedirian, Faris Bseiso, Reem Khorshid and Sultan Al Qassemi.

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