The Academy welcomes 17 Arab Filmmakers Among its New Members!

The Academy welcomes 17 Arab Filmmakers Among its New Members!

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has released its annual list of invitations for film makers to join the organization including 819 new members, with the aim of surpassing its five year diversity goal.  In vowing to advance inclusion efforts, the academy welcomed 17 Arab film makers. 

These were namely;

• Mai Masri – 3000 Nights / ٣٠٠٠ ليلة,” “33 Days”

• Malek Bensmaïl – “The Battle of Algiers, a Film within History,” “La Chine Est Encore Loin (China Is Still Far)”
• Salem Brahimi – “Abd El-Kader,” “Africa Is Back”
• Ali Essafi – “Sheikhates Blues,” “Général, Nous Voilà!”
• Tala Hadid – “House in the Fields,” “Windsleepers”
• Hajooj Kuka – “Live from Mogadishu,” “Beats of the Antonov”
• Rima Mismar
• Miranda Yousef – “Misconception,” “Troubadours”

• Tarak Ben Ammar

• Khaled Mouzanar – “Capernaum,” “Where Do We Go Now?”

• Toufik Ayadi – “Les Misérables,” “Château”

Short Films and Feature Animation:
• Mounia Akl – “ Submarine – A short film by Mounia Akl ,” “Eva”
• Meryam Joobeur – “Brotherhood,” “Born in the Maelstrom”
• Damien Megherbi – “Nefta Football Club,” “Wicked Girl”
• Ahmad Saleh – “Ayny – My Second Eye,” “Maa Baa”

• Rana Eid – “Ismaii,” “Nuts”

• Najwa Najjar – “Between Heaven and Earth,” “Eyes of a Thief”

The org touts that its 2020 invitees are 49% international, 45% women, and 36% underrepresented ethnic/racial.

Academy sources stated they are especially focused on making positive gains in two key decision-maker branches, Directors and Executives.

“This will be crucial as the industry continues to expand who gets a seat at the table,”

the source said, noting Directors are first in new women and fourth overall in admitting underrepresented communities. Execs are second in women and seventh in the ethnic/racial categories among the Academy’s 17 branches.

The Academy added that they respect members voluntarily  disclosing  race/ethnicity, sex or can choose “prefer not to.” Thus, demo stats may not be 100% accurate. the academy also “recognizes and respects”  personal choice in identification, but does not track LGBTQ+ or differently abled, although a source says, while protecting privacy and not forcing answers, they are “working towards it.”

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