That Israeli Singer Omer Adam Caused Mohamed Ramadan to Be Summoned for Investigation in Egypt

You take pictures with Israeli artists, we summon you for investigation!

Sources in the Egyptian Theatrical Professions Syndicate has confirmed that an official summon was directed to Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, to be interrogated at the syndicate’s headquarters in presence of the board of directors on the grounds  of his appearance in pictures with an Israeli artist.

The sources said in an exclusive statement to that a committee made up of union members headed by Egyptian artist Ashraf Zaki, in his capacity as captain of the syndicate, will talk to Mohamed Ramadan within two days after his return from UAE.

The sources indicated that the committee will have questions for Mohamed Ramadan about the pictures he took with Israeli singer Omer Adam, who appears to know him unlike what he said that he cannot ask every person who takes pictures with him about his nationality, religion or color.

The sources stressed that there will be no indulgence if new information is reached about that photo, especially since Mohamed Ramadan denied his recognition of this artist.

According to the syndicate, an official statement will be issued detailing what the investigation has covered and what will emerge from it in the future.

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