Tens of thousands demonstrate in Rome against fascism

Tens of thousands of protesters have gathered in Rome to demonstrate against fascism, a week after right-wing extremists forced their way into the headquarters of Italy’s oldest labour confederation.

The head of the CGIL labour union, Maurizio Landini, led the protest on Saturday under the slogan: “Never again fascism.”

The group reached CGIL’s headquarters and briefly broke into its premises. The confederation blamed the act of violence on “fascist action squads”.

“[This was] an attack on democracy and on the world of work that we are determined to repel,” Landini said at the time. “No one should think they can take our country back to the Fascist years.”

Addressing the crowd on Saturday, Landini made reference to the round-up of Jews that occurred in Rome’s Jewish ghetto on October 16, 1945, saying that a return to political violence would not be tolerated.

“Being anti-fascist means guaranteeing democracy for all and safeguarding the principles of our constitution,” he said.

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