Temporary Glitch: Facebook, Messenger and Instagram Go Out of Action

Facebook, Messenger and Instagram have stopped working for some users this morning.

The Facebook-owned social media apps went down this morning, affecting tens of thousands of users across the UK.

The issue started about 7am this morning according to Downdetector, with thousands of users complaining about trouble with sending and receiving messages.

Some 80% of people have said they weren’t receiving messages, while 20% are reporting problems logging in.

Frustrated users have taken to Twitter to share their frustration.

One user wrote: ‘Either Facebook messenger is down on my phone or my wifi is extremely poor this morn. Let me text my friends back!’

Another said: ‘Is anyone else’s messenger/facebook down atm? I cant even access most of my s*** on Messenger atm because it says unavailable

‘Mate says that its down for almost everyone. Wonder what the hell is going on.’

While thousands of people across the UK have reported issues, the crash seems to be worldwide – with problems in America too.

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