Tekashi69 Hits a Stripper on The Head With a Champagne Bottle

Controversial rapper Tekashi69 is facing new legal troubles after an exotic dancer sued him for aggravated battery after he allegedly bloodied her head with a champagne bottle.

The dancer, Alexis Salaberrios, filed a lawsuit Friday over what she said was a violent encounter at the Gold Rush Cabaret on Saturday, February 20, according to TMZ.

Salaberrios says in her suit that the 24-year-old rapper threw a ‘deadly object with intent to commit serious bodily injury.’

David M. Tarlow, Salaberrios’ attorney, claimed to TMZ that Tekashi69 lobbed a champagne bottle at his client’s head after someone in the crowd called him a ‘rat.’

The rapper was widely decried among rap fans in 2019 when he testified against gang members in exchange for a short prison sentence, after he originally faced the possibility of a 47-year mandatory sentence.

According to the lawyer, the rapper (real name: Daniel Hernandez) missed his target and hit Salaberrios in the head.

A photo provided to TMZ appears to show the top of the victim’s head, where she seems to have an oozing gash and hair caked with blood.

Salaberrios reportedly had to go to an emergency room, where she received staples to close her wound.

The dancer also targets the Gold Rush Cabaret for gross negligence after it allegedly didn’t have enough security present to watch over Tekashi69, whom she claimed has a ‘propensity for violence.’

After the rapper was escorted out of the club, Salaberrios alleges that club staff pressured her not to report the incident to police.

Her lawyer says she ignored that guidance and called the police.

Tekashi69’s attorney Lance Lazzaro denied that his client was involved in the violent encounter.

He also said that surveillance equipment in the club would be able to clear up the matter promptly.

‘There are video cameras in the establishment. It’s an attempt to shake him down. If he is served properly, we will immediately move to have it dismissed,’ he said.

The Fefe rapper has been silent on Instagram since the fall of 2020, but he returned to posting regularly earlier this month.

He claimed in a post from Wednesday that his disappearance both from social media and music was related to his rapid weight gain, which saw him tipping the scales at 204lbs.

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