Tehran Sculpture Expo Aims to Help Iranian Artists

Tehran Sculpture Expo Aims to Help Iranian Artists

The 3rd Tehran sculpture expo is aimed at helping Iranian sculptors to return to the art market.

The first exhibition was held in 2008, and the second edition was organized in 2011. Iranian artists have enjoyed a booming market in recent years, but sculptors have had the least share in this market.

A variety of works with different concepts, ranging from presentation of pure art to social criticisms is on show. Young artists have a big share at this event.

The topic of the expo is open, giving the sculptors a better opportunity to choose works for the event.

Top works have been selected to be put on view at the exhibit and there are hopes to see further progress in the next editions.

The present prosperity of Iranian sculpture is the outcome of individual endeavors. The new practices, despite their experimental nature, promise a productive new wave, distinguished by the diversity of attitudes and materials.

The third Tehran expo seeks to lessen the gap between artists, collectors and ordinary individuals who are interested in the art of sculpture. By adopting meaningful concepts the artists try to inject new visions into the minds of people.

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