Teen Boy Kills His Younger Sister With a Hammer

Teen Boy Kills His Younger Sister With a Hammer

A teenage boy has admitted to killing his ten-year-old sister in her sleep after they argued over using a computer tablet, it has been claimed.

The girl, named as Luda and described by local media as smart and spirited, was hammered to death at her home in the city of Taraz, northern Kazakhstan.

She was found with a broken skull and died from horrific injuries before paramedics arrived at the scene.

Neighbours say the tragedy occurred after Luda and her brother Aleksey, 15, had a row in the courtyard near their house.

Shynar Myrzakhmetova, a woman living next door, told local media: ‘I heard them quarreling over a tablet and saw Aleksey carrying a hammer in his hand.’

Aleksey is believed to be a gamer and his sister had asked for the device for studying.

Reports say Aleksey attacked Luda at night in her sleep by smashing a hammer into her head multiple times.

He then reportedly carried her body and dump it in the street near his neighbours’ fence.

Aleksey then allegedly changed his clothes and alarmed his parents by telling them that ‘his sister disappeared’, according to local media.

The family rushed to search for the girl and Aleksey, who ‘actively helped’, led them to the body, before his parents called authorities.

Neighbour Kristina Gosteva told: ‘The girl’s head was crushed. A part of the skull fell off when paramedics lifted up her head.’

Law enforcement launched a criminal case for murder against Aleksey who confessed to the crime. He faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.

Ardak Madimarov, the head deputy of the criminal investigations department added: ‘The hammer along with the suspect’s T-shirt and his shoes covered with the victim’s blood were discovered in the house.

‘During an interrogation, he said that he killed the girl because ‘she p***** him off’.’

Zhandos Mametkulov, the head deputy of a local police department commented: ‘The girl died from injuries not compatible with life before paramedics arrived at the scene.

‘Her brother confessed to the crime in full and was taken into custody.’

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