Teacher, Student Marry After ‘Improper’ Viral Incident on TikTok

Teacher, Student Marry After 'Improper' Viral Incident on TikTok

A teacher and his student have contracted court marriage a week after they were both expelled from their college after an ‘improper’ video of them was posted to TikTok.

According to The Express Tribune, Rafqat Hussain, 38, an English teacher at the Government Postgraduate College Haripur married his student Zainab Ali, 24 at a local court.

Rafqat, who is already married and has three children with his first wife, shared a copy of his marriage certificate saying, “We were in a relationship. We were waiting for our families’ consent to get married.”

He claims that the initial 20-second clip was not meant to be shared, but someone with ‘ill-intent- to the couple hacked into Zainab’s phone and posted it on the popular app TikTok.

The couple were expelled by a college committee after the clip went viral, which Zainab says is ‘absurd’, as the clip was related to her private life which did not relate to any violations of the college’s disciplinary code.

“I’m an adult and mature enough to take decisions about my personal life,” she added. “The college administration did not consider my fundamental right.”

According to her, the college administration has not only expelled her but is also refusing to issue her a migration certificate, so that she could continue her studies at some other college.

“Me and my family are in mental distress as my studies are being affected due to the unnecessary controversy created by the college administration,” she added.

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