Tarek Alarian’s Mistress Identity Revealed: A Hottie in Her 20’s (Pictures)

Tarek Alarian's Mistress Identity Revealed: A Hottie in Her 20's (Pictures)

Social media has been buzzing in the past few hours with the news that director Tarek Alarian, the former husband of Syrian singer Assala Nasri, is preparing to tie the knot to a new mistress.

Users have been able to reveal Tarek’s mistress’s identity who is said to be Nicole Saafan, they even found her Instagram account.

It’s been reported that Nicole works as a model, and according to her Instagram bio she resides in Cairo, Egypt, and she was born to an Egyptian and Syrian-Armenian parents in Australia.

Saafan works as a model, and her latest project was modelling in Amr Diab’s latest music video Ya Baladna Ya Helwa directed by her new bae, Tarek Alarian.

The couple are currently enjoying some time off at the North Coast in Egypt.

Along with Nicole’s beauty, the age difference between her and Tarek caught the audience’s attention as well; she is in her 20’s while Alarian is 56 with nearly 30 years age difference between them.

Nicole Saafan is reportedly the mistress who put an end to Tarek Alarian and Assala’s 14-year marriage.

The former couple has the twin Adam and Ali, and Tarek’s infidelity was the reason for the divorce.

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