Tamer Hosny Hilariously Answers the Phone of a Fan’s Friend on Stage (Video)

Egyptian artist Tamer Hosny has faced a hilarious situation during his latest concert at an Egyptian university.

While the Egyptian star was on stage, a student gave him his phone to take a selfie with, and at the moment Tamer got ready to take the photo, the phone rang, and he jokingly answered the phone.

Tamer Hosny completed the call, saying, “Tamer Hosny is with you, Saif,” which sparked laughter among the audience, who chanted: “Tamer Hosny talked to you, son of the lucky.

The video, documenting this situation, was widely circulated on social media, and received many comments; One of them explained the situation, saying, “A person from the audience gave his phone to the star Tamer Hosny to take a selfie with him, and when the phone rang, Tamer answered the caller.

Many social media users praised the “wit” of Tamer Hosny, who stopped singing to answer the phone call.

The recent concerts presented by Tamer Hosny, especially in Egyptian universities, are witnessing a huge public presence, according to the photos and videos that he publishes through his Instagram account.

Tamer Hosny announced that his last concert in the Saudi capital, as part of the activities of the Riyadh season 2021, set a record for the number of attendees.

Commenting on a group of photos and videos that he posted on his Instagram account, he said, “The Riyadh concert today in Saudi Arabia is a new record in my life, and the audience’s enthusiasm is not normal. The sweetest reception from the beloved of my heart the beloved Saudi audience.”

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