Tamer Hosny And Basma Bosel Divorced?

After many issues between the Moroccan actress Jalila and Basma, a friend of Jalila named Hussien came up with shocking news that the famous Egyptian singer Tamer Hosny and his wife Basma have been secretly divorced for over a year and a half.

He claimed that they live in separate houses but act like they’re in love and role models for the perfect married couple in front of the cameras.

In his snap chat account, he said “everyone in the Arab world knows that you’re divorced except you.”

Many fans have replied to him saying “Jalila you have exceeded all sources of humiliation if you can focus on your life instead of Tamer and his wife’s you would become a millionaire and a married one. ”

Another fan said: when we finally said that you’ve got married and we will take a rest from your talking about tamer, you married one even more obsessed .”

And one said if they are not together they wouldn’t keep it a secret they will leave a stable life for their children.

Moreover, someone said that even Shams Alkuwaityeh confirmed that Tamer and Basma have been separated for more than a year.

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