Taim Hassan Debuts New Haircut Which Is Not Welcomed by Followers (Pictures)

‘Where is your Hayba (prestige) man?!’

Taim Hassan, the Syrian actor who is best known for his role Jabal Shaikh Al-Jabal in Al-Hayba, has debuted a new haircut.

He revealed the new top knot hairstyle via Instagram.

Followers didn’t like Hassan’s new cut, commenting: “The prestige is gone”, “after Al-Hayba, the horse cut does not fit you, stay sane”, “I didn’t like your hairstyle, I mean a big difference between the gentleman Jabal with a masculine and a genuine character … for someone who ties his hair”.

Taim’s new look was not the only thing he revealed in the post.

It turned out that the new hairstyle is for the character he is going to play in the forthcoming series titled Ana ‘Me’.

‘Ana’ will be produced by Sabah Brothers, directed by Samer Al-Barqawi and written by Abeer Sharara, starring Razane Jammal, Rola Beksmati, Joseph Bou Nassar and Elie Mitri.

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