Swede Contracts TB From Smoking Trendy Hookah

Swede Contracts TB From Smoking Trendy Hookah

A 20-year-old contracted tuberculosis from smoking a trendy hookah pipe, doctors have warned.

The unidentified patient, from Sweden, rushed to hospital after coughing up blood following three months of chest pains and a high fever.

An X-ray and CT scan of the man’s chest revealed the vicious bacterial infection had got into his lungs.

The patient was a regular hookah smoker and used the fruit-flavoured devices up to five times a week with friends.

Medics believe he contracted TB from the mouthpiece of a hookah pipe, which are often passed around friends during smoking sessions.

They say the number of puffs inhaled from a hookah is 10 times higher than when smoking a cigarette because sessions can go on for hours in bars and lounges.

This means users are exposed to a higher volume of harmful bacteria and susceptible to infections.

The case was revealed in the European Journal of Case Reports in Internal Medicine.

Writing in the journal, the scientists said doctors must be aware of the increased risk of hookah pipes as their popularity continues to surge.

They say physicians must quiz patients about their hookah smoking habits if TB is suspected.

Up to a fifth of young people in the US and Europe use the devices, as well as famous footballers and celebrities.

Drake, Katy Perry and Kylie Minogue are just some of the biggest stars to be pictured smoking the pipes.

Hookah is an ancient form of smoking in which charcoal-heated tobacco or non-tobacco based shisha smoke is passed through water before inhalation. 0

In August, a University of California study found one draw of a hookah pipe had the equivalent amount of hazardous substances as an entire cigarette.

They discovered the water actually creates ultrafine particles which are able to reach the deepest parts of the lungs.

Chemists analysed emissions during a typical waterpipe session using custom-built apparatus.

The waterpipe produced a significantly larger amount of carbon monoxide (CO) compared to a cigarette, according to the findings published in the journal Aerosol Science and Technology.

This is mainly due to the burning of charcoal to heat the tobacco or herbal mixture in its bowl.

The dose of CO from a single waterpipe smoking session was equivalent to a dose of CO from 12 cigarettes, the authors wrote.

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