Suzanna Emmanuel Claims to be Jesus!

Suzanna Emmanuel Claims to be Jesus!

Members of a religious movement, who believe they are immune from coronavirus, have flown in from around the world for an 11-day talk in East Yorkshire.

Around 40 attendees, all members of the Divine Pineal Gland Activations religious movement, are reported to be attending a conference, to hear leader Suzanna Emmanuel, who claims to be the embodiment of Jesus, speak to her followers, at the Best Western Bell Hotel in Driffield.

Concerns have been voiced how the talk could flout government guidance regarding social distancing and may spread the coronavirus.

A source told the Sun: ‘I couldn’t believe it. It worried me straight away because people shouldn’t be meeting up in large crowds like that.

‘But one follower told me they were immune. They said they are taken out of the world’s ‘energy fields’ and so can’t catch coronavirus.

‘Clearly that’s bonkers but it’s what they believe,’ they said.

‘I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It’s clearly posing huge danger to the public and is totally irresponsible.’

Ms Emmanuel claims she was Jesus in a ‘particular lifetime.’

She is affiliated with a website called which describes her as ‘the designated channel for SOVEREIGN LORD EMMANUEL THE GREAT, who approached her in 2009. At that time he told her very strongly that he would use no other channel and that he had used her as a channel in previous lives and that in one particular lifetime she worked very close to him, as Jesus, and that it would be well known.’

The Divine Pineal Gland Activations Facebook group reads: ‘Your pineal glands will be re activated, your karma neutralised and your DNA will heal to greater love frequencies which will enable you to ascend to higher dimensions after this lifetime.

It also promises to teach meditation techniques to ‘grow a deeper relationship with your angels’.

Best Western Hotels have been contacted for comment.

The religious gathering comes as Boris Johnson faces massive pressure to impose a European-style lockdown to avert coronavirus disaster today as people continue to flout government guidance.

Demands are growing for the PM to ramp up controls after extraordinary images emerged this morning of still-packed Tube trains in London – regarded as the engine of the UK outbreak.

After a weekend in which crowds flocked to parks and landmarks to take advantage of sunshine, Mr Johnson effectively put the nation on its final warning last night, saying there should be ‘no doubt’ he would take draconian action.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock underlined this morning that a decision is expected ‘very soon’, hitting out at ‘selfish’ behaviour and saying ‘nothing is off the table’.

He pointed to measures in Italy and France – where all municipal spaces have been closed, forms have to be filled out to leave the house, and police are on patrol handing out fines.

But Mr Hancock was embroiled in a furious spat with Piers Morgan after accusing the ITV Good Morning Britain host of spreading ‘tittle tattle’ over infighting within the government. Morgan retorted: ‘How dare you!’

The backlash was mounting against Mr Johnson’s ‘relaxed’ style today, with warnings of a ‘full-scale mutiny’ among Cabinet if the lockdown is not extended, and Labour MPs claiming his ‘mixed messages will cost lives’.

Labour’s official position has shifted to insist it is time to introduce harsher ‘compliance measures’.

Traffic monitoring has suggested the capital is still running at a third of its normal rate, far higher than other European capitals.

Brutal restrictions appear to be looming as the UK death toll rose by 48 in just 24 hours to 281 people, with more than 5,600 confirmed cases. These who died in England were aged between 18 and 102, authorities said.

A new term, ‘Covidiot’, has been used on social media to describe those who were putting the health of the community at risk of Covid-19 by rubbing shoulders too closely with strangers last weekend.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick has said people need to realise that the Government’s advice to keep social distance ‘isn’t a game’.

He said people can still go out for walks and take exercise, but added: ‘Lots of people sat out together in parks or on beaches. That isn’t sensible. We strongly discourage that.’

Some city and town centres took the message to heart, with many appearing deserted. But in other places it was busy as a bank holiday. Locals angered by incomers fleeing the virus put up signs to discourage them.

A picture showed a sign in Llanuwchllyn, Gwynedd, North Wales, reading: ‘No non-essential travel. So why are you here?’

Another image, shared by Judy Murray, mother of tennis star Sir Andy, showed a Land Rover and trailer by the lake at Bala, also in Gwynedd, spray-painted with the words: ‘Go home idiots. Covid-19.’

The Prime Minister has called on all Britons to maintain a strict two-metre gap from others.

As he repeatedly rams home at daily Number 10 press briefings, the government’s aim is to ‘flatten the curve’ of infected cases so the NHS is not overwhelmed by a sudden peak in cases.

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