Suzan Najm Aldeen Reunites With Her Family After 5 Years

Syriyan star Suzan Najm El-Din shared a touching video of the moment she met up with her children at Cairo airfpot, five years  after being separated. 

The actress shared the video on her Instagram account captioned: ”five years of injustice, sadness, loneliness, and longing… five years in which the dream would grow up and grow pain with it, in five years kids get older, five years in which I used to count days, hours, minutes and seconds for this moment to come. ”

”A forced separation is bitter, but those moments brought back the balance in my life and made it seem more normal, so here I am embracing my heart, while Trump’s evil era is over with humiliation and insult to turn the magic on the magician. praise the lord” she added.

Lately, the 54-year-old guest-starred in the series (When We Were Young), written by Ayman Salama and directed by Mohammad Ali, and starring Khaled AlNabawi, Mahmoud Hamida, Reham Hajjaj, Kareem Qasem, Nasreen Amin, Nabeel Issa and Mahmoud Hafez.

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