SURREAL! Elissa Teases Fans With Her 2020 Album Poster

SURREAL! Elissa Teases Fans With Her 2020 Album Poster

Queen of Sensation Lebanese star Elissa broke all expectations with her upcoming album poster, scheduled to be released on Eid Al-Adha – end of July.

Elissa surprised fans on social media platforms with the poster, as she appeared standing in front of a window taking a back shot while sporting a backless white gown with spaghetti straps, bob haircut, and putting her scorpion shoulder tattoo on display, which is her zodiac sign.

The Lebanese singer is seen looking at the horizon, as an exact reflection of her is seen outside in the sky in a moment that was described as “surreal.”

Lebanese director Eli Rezkallah tweeted the poster, and commented: “Excited that my vision for @elissakh 2020 album is coming to life. Here’s the teaser, a celebration of surrealism paintings ? can’t wait to share the rest.”

@elissaedits Twitter account published the poster, and captioned it: “@elissakh X @Elirezkallah GAME CHANGING #Elissa2020.”

Elissa chose the song Biography to be the title of her 2020 album. She collaborated with a number of poets and composers, such as; Muhammad Rahim, Bahauddin, Muhammad Yahya, Amir Tuaima, Walid Saad, Osama Mustafa and Nader Abdullah.

Biography song will actually be Elissa’s own life story.

The album also includes a song called Azima “Great” that discusses a common story for all women, wrote by poet Nader Abdullah, and another song called Zekrayat “Memories,” as well as one entitled Ana Shibh Nseetak “I Almost Forgot You.”

Biography album will include 17 songs. Releasing it was delayed due to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Elissa’s 2020 album is the last one to be produced by Rotana.

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