Sudan’s Prime Minister Hamdok dismisses police chief and his deputy

Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok said on Saturday he dismissed the chief of police, Lieutenant-General Khaled Mahdi Ibrahim Al-Emam, and his deputy.

Lieutenant-General Anan Hamed Mohammed Omar was appointed as the new police chief and Major General Muddathir Abd al-Rahman Nasr al-Din as his deputy, Hamdok added in a post on Twitter.

Last month’s coup raised questions over the future of the deal and efforts to end decades of internal conflict in Sudan.

The civilian Forces for Freedom and Change (FFC) coalition that had been sharing power with the military before the takeover blamed the military in a statement on Thursday for allowing a worsening of the security situation in Darfur.

While Hamdok’s reinstatement was a concession by military leader Burhan, key political parties and civilian groups say the army should play no role in politics.

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