Sudan’s PM Hamdok says he expects new government to be formed within two weeks

Sudan’s newly reinstated Prime Minister Abadalla Hamdok told Al Arabiya on Tuesday that he expects a new government to be formed within two weeks.

“I will make every effort to accomplish [forming a new government] within a time period of no more than two weeks,” he said in an interview with Al Arabiya.

Hamdok signed on Sunday a deal with General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan that saw the PM reinstated and allowed him to form an independent cabinet of technocrats, until an election can be held.

This comes almost a month after Burhan led a military coup in late October.

Hamdok added that he asked the military to end the violence against protesters. Sudanese medics reported that security forces killed at least 40 civilians in violent crackdowns.

“One of the first issues discussed… is a halt to using violence against protesters. It is a demand I will not cede at all,” Hamdok said.

After the deal that saw Hamdok reinstated was signed, at least five political prisoners were released.

“This is the most important issue on the PM’s agenda. It is the first issue I discussed with the military, releasing the prisoners… We will work towards that, and they will be released soon,” he told Al Arabiya.

He added that out of those released, should they be accused of committing a crime, they will be referred to the judiciary and, in some cases, rearrested.

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