Student Crushed to Death Under The Weight of Snow During Party in Siberia

Student Crushed to Death Under The Weight of Snow During Party in Siberia

A female medical student was crushed to death under the weight of snow when a timber roof caved in at an underground garage party in Siberia. 

Tuyana Prushenova, 22, died when the thickly-packed snow caused the makeshift roofing to collapse at the disused cafe in the scientific research city of Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk.

Four of the 200 revellers were injured including a man who suffered a broken pelvis and a woman who fractured her ankle at the 4am rave with two others suffering from frostbite.

Footage filmed minutes before the collapse, captioned ‘walter garage party on fire’, shows people dancing together with multicoloured disco lights illuminating the room.

However a video from the aftermath of the tragedy shows emergency services staff wading through the piles of snow and rubble.

One man is seen using a chainsaw to clear the dismantled roofing in order to investigate the scene.

Ten were trapped under the falling roof and blocks of snow in a temperature of -20c, with some suffering frostbite at the underground party.

Partygoers were putting on their coats to leave the illegal bash at the time of the tragedy.

‘The music was very loud when I heard a sudden crack, and then a girl screamed,’ said one witness, according to The Siberian Times.

‘I rushed towards the door and jumped outside.’

‘There were guys inside the cloakroom when it happened.

‘They were hit by an old rotten wooden roof mixed with huge blocks of snow.’

An emergencies ministry source said: ‘The body of a woman has been pulled out from the rubble. She was killed.’

A 27-year-old man who organised the event was detained, said the Russian investigative committee.

He is under criminal investigation for staging party without ensuring adequate safety standards.

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