Stephen Boss “twitch “commits suicide at the age of 40

Stephen Boss, often known as “tWitch,” committed suicide at the age of 40 despite being renowned for his upbeat disposition and humorous, vibrant atmosphere.

In a statement to PEOPLE regarding his passing, Stephen’s wife “tWitch,” Alison Holker, said: “He was the backbone of our family, the best husband and father, and an inspiration to his admirers.”


“I must transmit to you with a heart full of regret that Stephen has left us,” Alison Holker Boss said in the statement. She continued by saying, “Stephen brought light into every space he entered. Above all, he respected his family, friends, and community. He led everything with hope and love for himself. He was our family’s rock, the best husband and father, and an example to all of his admirers.”

To say that he left a legacy is an understatement because his positive influence will still be felt. “There will never be a time when we won’t honor his memory, I’m confident of that. During this trying time for us and especially for our three children, we respectfully request your privacy.”

Alison sent her hubby a note after finishing her speech. “Stephen, I’ll always remember our last dance and how much we love and miss you.”

Many famous people posted their condolence tweets on Twitch, who was also well-known for his work on the Ellen Show. YouTuber “Sound” posted a video of Stephen and Ellen the Generos during their time working together on Twitch, and he wrote: “I was in tears only a few months ago when I watched the final episode of Twitch with Ellen, and watching it today again is surreal, RIP Stephen Boss “tWitch” who passed away by gunshot today at the age of 40.

Robert Griffin also wrote on his Twitter account: “Today we pray for the family of Stephen Twitch Boss and all his fans, he passed away very early.”

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