Singapore Praises Ankara With a Rendition of Turkey’s National Anthem on its 97th Anniversary

Singapore Praises Ankara With a Rendition of Turkey’s National Anthem on its 97th Anniversary

As Turkey celebrates its 97th anniversary, the Turkish national anthem has got a special Singaporean violin rendition, released by the Singapore Embassy in Ankara for the Republic Day, showing friendly ties between the two countries.

Chloe Chua, 13, one of Singapore’s most talented musical prodigies, has produced a violin rendition of “Istiklal Marsi” — the national anthem of Turkey.

Invited by the Singapore Embassy in Ankara to be part of this initiative, the internationally acclaimed Singaporean musician worked on the rendition from home.

It was released on Oct. 28 on the embassy’s social media pages.

Expressing joy to have recorded the special violin rendition of Turkey’s national anthem, Chua said in a statement shared by the embassy: “When I first played it, I immediately found the anthem to be rousing and patriotic, reflecting the strong and dynamic spirit of the nation.”

Chua, the winner of the prestigious Menuhin competition and currently enrolled at Singapore’s Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts School of Young Talents, said: “I hope that I have adequately conveyed this spirit through my violin.”

Thanking embassy officials for their support, Chua said: “This unique opportunity [will] help foster bilateral relations through music.”

“I look forward to visiting Turkey in the near future and wish all friends in Turkey a happy Republic Day!”

In his remarks, Singapore’s Ambassador to Turkey Jonathan Tow said: “It is a privilege for me to invite Chloe to play the Istiklal Marsi as Turkey celebrates Republic Day.”

“Listening to her play, I found her violin rendition most heart-warming, moving, and inspiring,” Tow asserted.

The embassy had planned to invite Chua to perform in Turkey this year, which was not possible due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I hope that this virtual performance can help represent Singapore’s heartfelt affection and respect to Turkey on the occasion of the Republic Day.

“May the friendship between our two peoples continues to grow stronger and closer,” the ambassador said.

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