Simple Combination of Hook and Yarn Create Cute Dolls

Simple Combination of Hook and Yarn Create Cute Dolls

It is charming to think that the simple combination of a hook and some yarn can create cute dolls that bring our young loved ones so much joy.

Crochet Dolls is an Instagram store that was established by Taif-based Shahad Baowaidhan in 2016.

The store offers a variety of dolls to suit all age groups, from Saudi Khaleeji singers Abadi Al-Johar and Talal Maddah, to Disney and “Game of Thrones” characters, with her most high demand item being Little Aqua Girl, a pigtailed child peeping out of a googly-eyed creature.

Baowaidhan, who is 27, said the business was created out of her love for crocheting.

“It all started as a fun hobby for me back in 2014,” she told Arab News. I was watching YouTube one day and a video of crochet teddy bear making appeared. I watched it and I was fascinated by the art, how you can create so many things with crocheting.”

She decided to give it a try for herself and created a teddy bear. “It worked out great, I was so happy. I was watching more crocheting videos day by day and got deeper into this hobby and became so attached to it.”

She was simply enjoying the craft and not thinking about creating a business, until her friend gave her a prod in that direction.

“At that point, I just loved crocheting as a hobby. I didn’t think about turning it into a business but, one day, my friend who is a painter saw my work and encouraged me to create a store. She said she wanted to buy two dolls from me and that I should sell it at a price that suits the doll.”

Baowaidhan was hesitant at first, she did not even have an Instagram account. “It’s really all thanks to my friend who believed in me and pushed me to create the store,” she added. “Every time I create a crochet doll, I fall in love with the hobby over and over again.”

All items are handmade. It takes her three days to create a palm-sized doll and a week and a half to create a 45cm item, the largest size, and she spends five hours a day working on it.

Customers can reach out to her on Instagram (@crochet_dolls1) to place an order whether it is a custom-made special, such as a doll of themselves or friends, or famous personalities, whether real or fictional.

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