Siberia: Cows Wear Fur or Wool-Lined Bras as Temperatures Drop to -45C

A remarkable video showing how cows in the world’s coldest village wear fur or wool-lined bras when thermometers plunge in the Siberian winter went viral.

Local farmer Nikolay Atlasov – in his 70s – fits the handmade protection as the seasonal temperature plunge begins.

He fitted the triangular bras to his hardy herd of five cows as the village of Oymyakon, in the Russian region of Yakutia, hit minus 45C.

Each time they go out to their watering hole this winter – which is likely to go below minus 60C – the cows will be dressed in their Siberian bras.

‘This is how Yakut cows spend their winters – our breadwinners,’ said local resident Semyon Sivtsev, who filmed the seasonal routine.

‘They wait in the queue, the eldest drink first.’

Locals say the bras are made of sheepskin or hare fur, usually old hoods from coats that are redeployed for this vital winter task.

They are tied with long straps, two around the body, and one under the tail.

The bra helps protect tender skin on the udder and saves up to two litres of milk per cow, say locals.

‘The main thing is to keep the animal warm,’ Semyon said. ‘Cows are dressed when the temperature falls to minus 30C or minus 35C.

‘They don’t wear any other clothes – just a bra.’

Nikolay is a former gold mining prospector and engineer who now had a smallholding in Oymyakon.

The lowest officially recorded temperature here was minus 67.7 °C (minus 89.9 °F) in 1933, but locals say an earlier reading was minus 71.2 °C (minus 96.2 °F) in January 1924.

The village claims to be the coldest permanently inhabited village on the planet, and is known as the Pole of Cold.

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