‘SHUT UP Shams!’ Kuwaiti Singer Under Fire for Insulting Moroccan Women.. and Responds ‘I’m Not a Sheep’!

'SHUT UP Shams!' Kuwaiti Singer Under Fire for Insulting Moroccan Women.. and Responds 'I'm Not a Sheep'!

Hashtag “Shams Al-Kuwaitia Shut Up” has been trending on social media after the singer talked about Moroccan women in an insulting manner.

Despite defending Moroccan women and refusing to describe them as witches, another segment in Shams’s talk angered Moroccan people.

She said that Sahrawis in Morocco tie the girl’s waist from a young age, and they do a special kind of massage for her since childhood, to make her body look curvy.

“Look at the culture of conscious Moroccan mothers, knowing that when their daughters grow up, along with teaching them how to cook, their bodies will look feminine so that they are loved by their husbands, and can be secure in their marital lives.”


Social media activists did not like the words and comments of Shams, so they denounced her by launching the hashtag “Shams Al-Kuwaitia Shut Up”.

But the response came immediately from Shams, who wrote on her page: “I will not shut up, and I will not be a sheep in the herd, I expressed my opinion about the merits of Moroccan women and did not offend anyone. As for the tomboys, who took my words o mean something else, take medications.”

She added: “Control your hormones, Moroccan women are as sweet as honey! You left Coronavirus and created a hashtag that involved 16,000 tweets to release your poison, you tomboys!”

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