Should She be Jailed! Woman Accused of Biting Cop’s Arm in Dubai

Should She be Jailed! Woman Accused of Biting Cop's Arm in Dubai

A housewife and her son have been cleared by the Dubai Court of First Instance of the charges of assaulting on-duty police officers.

The court earlier heard how anti-narcotics officers went on September 2 last year to a villa in Al Warqa with a warrant to search and arrest a 22-year-old suspected drug addict, a GCC national. However, they were met with fierce resistance from the man.

His mother, a 45-year-old, was also allegedly involved in the assault as she bit the arm of a police officer to stop him from taking her son into custody.

The reason behind the acquittal ruling has not been immediately known.

A case was registered at Al Rashidiya police station.


“After a domestic violence incident was reported at a villa in Al Warqa, I went with a colleague there. A police patrol car was already on the scene. The person who had made the call told us that his brother-in-law (the defendant) had assaulted him,” a policeman said.

The defendant was found smoking outside the villa. “I approached him and showed him my ID. He would not obey my order to get inside the patrol car. He would not let us handcuff him either. But he verbally abused us and kept asking his two sisters, his mother, grandfather and father to intervene and help him,” the officer told the public prosecution investigator.

“The defendant’s mother then got involved and bit my left arm to stop us from handcuffing her son. I had to pull my hand out of her mouth. We then brought her son under control and took him to the anti-narcotics general directorate.”

Another police patrol car with female officers on board was sent later to apprehend the mother.

The other police officer said that the person, who called the police, told them that the defendant was destroying the villa furniture and trying to hurt the family members. The complainant was also apparently injured after he got assaulted by the defendant.

The son’s urine sample tested positive for drugs, as shown in the crime lab report.

The court ruling is subject to appeal by the public prosecution.

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